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You can view and print UNC Carolina Managed Print Solutions invoices for any account for which you are the Primary Billing Contact (PBC), or have been Granted Access by the PBC, by logging in here and selecting the month you would like to view. While invoices are normally available 2 business days after the 16th of the month, notification e-mails are sent when the invoices are available.

Invoices more than five (5) fiscal years old are not accessible on this site. If you have problems viewing your invoices, feel free to contact either Donald Hamm, Accounting, at 919-962-2401 / dwhamm@unc.edu or John Foust, Operations Manager, at 919-962-2799 / jhfoust@aux-services.unc.edu.

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NOTE: If the keypad or internal readings are lost due to any malfunction or error, Carolina Managed Print Solutions will bill the department based solely on the copier meter reading. The department will be responsible for all meter clicks despite the differences or absence of keypad or internal readings.

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